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Women's day Celebration
Tanmaya Province

Women's day Celebration

On March 10, 2018 Nav Ankur Manav Kalyan Sanstha, Ashta, Madhya Pradesh, India celebrated Women’s day with full vigour and gusto. Among the 240 participants 157 were women and 30 were adolescent girls. Sr. Dorothy Beck, the directress of the institute welcomed the chief guest and other dignitaries who had assembled to grace this occasion. After the initial formalities of the celebration a few women were asked to share their life experiences. The main focus of the day was to present a memorandum to the SDM, requesting him to sort out the following issues thus assisting them a respectful life in the society. The memorandum had following points.

1. Closing of the petty liquor shops in the villages.
2. To increase the cooks’ remuneration in the’ Midday meal programmes’ in the schools, from Rs. 1,000/- to Rs. 5,000/-.
3. To increase the qualities and quantities of ration & to supply the same on time.

The journalist Mr. Rauph Lala interviewed two of the resource persons asking them how the women will use the legal provisions. The answer given by the resource persons were simply marveling. They said, “Many of the women have leadership qualities, if they are guided, supported and organized well, they will able to tackle any issues and problems.”

The group gathered appreciated the efforts of Sisters of St. Joseph who guide, support and organize these simple village women to voice their opinion and to enable them to fight for their rights.

Dorothy Beck Csj

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