Sisters of St.Joseph of Chambery, India



Our Vocation is a call from God, heard, discerned and responded to in faith and in love.
The call to religious life is a call to be a prophet. Religious are meant to be the wake up call for the church.

CSJ - Formation process

  • Has its deep inspiration in the mysteries of the Trinity, Incarnation and Eucharist and is always directed towards Christian discipleship & communion. (making possible the journey of ongoing transformation)
  • Formation is an ongoing dynamic, creative and progressive process.
  • It should be a response to the real challenges in today's world, the church and the congregation.
  • It tries to maintain creative fidelity to the spirituality and mission of our charism of unity and communion.

The different stages of CSJ initial formation

  • Pre Postulancy-To have a sense of clarity regarding her motivation for CSJ life.
  • Postulancy-To come to know who she is and who we are as CSJ and to foster her relationship with God / self / others.
  • Novitiate-To continue her ongoing discernment and to re-affirm her call and to be prepared for apostolic commitment.
  • First Profession and after-To continue her journey that is leading her to freely commit herself to God for ever.

The Integration of our formation is mainly based on two Aspects

  • Formation of God experience
  • Formation of involvement in todays reality

The Principal Formator -----> Christ
The role of the formee -----> to be open and allow oneself to be led by the spirit.

THE PROCESS OF FORMATION LASTS A LIFE TIME.During the entire formation period the person is given time and opportunity.