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Workshop on Interpersonal Relationship Skills
Pachmarhi Province

Workshop on Interpersonal Relationship Skills

The second workshop on “Interpersonal Relationship Skills” by Dr. Fr. Anthony D’Souza S.J. was organized in the Provincial House, Pachmarhi, India from 5 to 7 May, 2018.  The key points of the workshop were to understand ‘Where I am – as a person, religious, and as a member of the congregation; What is the quality of my relationships? Why amI the way I am? What can I do to bring about a change within myself?’
The logical analysis of religious life from all aspects helped the participants to reflect on the essence of their life as religious. Our call is to be in union with the Lord. Often we are caught up withreligious practices and rituals that do not help to experience this union. A real transformation does not happen in our lives. Prayer and life remain as two separate entities.

Theunderstandingof the human brain and the way it functions gave an insight into why we behave the way we do. Our brain is divided into three parts -the reptilian brain, mammalian brain and the human brain. The automatic and emotional reactions are controlled by the reptilian and mammalian brains. Though the human brain is most powerful with its unique capacity for self-awareness, choice and love, functionally we are more governed by the animal brains.  To be fully human is to live mindfully andchoicefully in love as a way of life.

When we live in awareness, we discover that we are worthwhile just as we are and therefore our spirituality is not to be become holy but to discover our goodness, holiness andlovableness.  We discover our union with God.

Many exercises done during the workshop helped the participants learn ways to free themselves and deepen their relationships.
Navya Neelamvilail Pachmarhi Province

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