Sisters of St.Joseph of Chambery, India

Reaching out to the unreached
Tanmaya Province

Reaching out to the unreached

On Sunday, Feb. 25, Pushpa Kalyan Hospital, Ashta arranged a medical camp for the underprivileged people of Pnamonia village. About 20 km away from Ashta, this village is surrounded by forests. Due to lack of proper transport, the people of this village find difficult to get the basic medical assistance. Having learnt this situation, Sisters of Joseph joined hands with Fr. Solomon the Parish Priest of the local church in reaching out to these unreached.

 The sisters and hospital staff along with necessary medicines and equipments reached Pnamonia at 9.00 am. Invoking God’s presence and blessing they began to see the patients. People of different age groups with various ailments approached the doctors to get some kind of relief. The facilities at the camp were limited and the medicines available there were so simple but the faith of the simple villagers was something great. 100 from Pnamonia and surrounding villages benefited from this camp.

At the end of the day one of the staff said, “while doing this I was moved with compassion to give my timely help and assistance to the needy.”  The gratefulness and satisfaction on the face of these villages led us to the Gospel of St. Mt  25 : 30.  "Whatever you did it to the least of my brothern you did it to me."

Sr. Betsy


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