Sisters of St.Joseph of Chambery, India

Upcoming Events
Nagpur Province

Upcoming Events

Date                                            Events

 March  2019

3rd and 4th March                     PLT Meeting

8th March                                    International women’s day

9th March                                   Gender Equality (awareness) in Narkhed, Nagpur

8th to 10th March                     Batch-wise gathering in Fox Rock, Pachmarhi

22nd to 24th March                  Batch- wise gathering in Sandyavan, Nagpur

28th March                                Formators leave for Rome.

 April 2019

 7th April                                   World Heath Day Celebration in Nagpur

 May  2019

 3rd to 10th May                         1st Retreat in Snehalaya, Nagpur

15th to 20th May                        Exposure Programme for TP Sisters

17th to 24th May                       2nd Retreat in Snehalaya, Nagpur

22nd to 26th May                       Ignatian Spirituality for TP Sisters

31st May to 7th June                 3rd Retreat in Snehalaya, Nagpur 

28th May to 5th June                 Retreat for TP Sisters.


 10th to 17th June                        Training for Spiritual Directors in Snehalaya, Nagpur

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