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Celebrating Life In The Passover Age
Nagpur Province

Celebrating Life In The Passover Age

A few months ago, our  Provincials of the four Indian Provinces sent out a circular inviting Batch Mates to assemble in various Provinces for a three day seminar according to date of  First Profession  in the Congregation 

Those who had made their first profession from 1942 till 1965 were cordially invited to spend three memorable days together in SANDHYAVAN, THE SENIOR CARE HOME IN THE PROVINCE OF NAGPUR from 22nd to 24th March 2019

Much excitement, thrill, joy and fun filled the air as our Sisters from our different Provinces braved distances and travelled from far and wide for this RENEWAL AND REJUVENATING PROGRAMME

It was greatly touching and nostalgic to see 46 Ageing members at the OPENING CEREMONY walk into the chapel in a procession with delicate posies mounted on their habits or saris bearing their names and year of First Profession.Some were in wheel chairs, some on walkers while others walked into the chapel on the strength of their ageing feet !!

An introduction of the resource person, Fr Justus Paul OP, was given by Sr Jacinta, Coordinator of the programme, followed by a warm welcome by Sr Cecile, animator of Sandhyavan, venue of the programme.An appropriate Prayer Service was conducted entitled GRATITUDE TO GOD IN OUR PASSOVER AGE asour Sisters have passed over from Youth into Midlife and now Ageing Gracefully in their Third Age singing .... THEIR MAGNIFICAT - " MY SOUL GLORIFIES THE LORD"

Input sessions with the helpof power point presentations on various topics were given like ....

  1. Growing Old Gracefully;
  2. Passing Over from Youth into Midlife and Now in the Third Age;
  3. The Steadfast Love of The Lord Never Ceases; 
  4. Deeper Intimacy with God;
  5. The Seven Sacraments highlighting the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation; 
  6. Forgiveness;
  7. Gratitude to God who cares for us. Ps 71;
  8. Time for Confession; 

 The schedule for each day was very flexible and relaxing offering moments for Batch Mates exchange as well as Faith experiences in life which has brought us this far both in our communities and missions.The Liturgy for each day was celebrated at noon and the day concluded with a conducted Holy Hour. 

On the final day the participants were given a well-earned outing to our Communities in Kamptee(our origin in India) and Nagpur.On their return a 90-minute programme of song, dance and games conducted by the Postulant Community enlivened the evening recreation programme. The Seminar concluded in chapel with a Thanksgiving Prayer Service. 

The participants were asked to individually share with our younger members in the provincesHOW TO KEEP ALIVE OUR CHARISM IN THE 21ST Century.All our senior sisters left the venue Younger and deeply grateful for the RE UNION and REJUVINATING Spirit which captured their hearts and minds during this much awaited BATCH MATES programme. 


Sr. David Delaney
Province of Nagpur

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