Sisters of St.Joseph of Chambery, India

Stay focused on what’s important in life. Don’t let the crazy stuff distract you. You are made in God’s image. It’s a pretty spectacular heritage. Live up to it! Learn to see your ego and how it operates and then choose love. Gentleness can rule the day! Keep your relationships sacred. It’s all that really matters, right? Don’t worship money, status and power. It always ends badly. Keep evolving yourself. Other people find that attractive. Be courageous! Don’t wimp out just because it’s impossible. Nobody achieved anything all alone. A gratitude check is standard wellness practice. Avoid the plague of the unaware self. It can be very ugly. Forget yourself. Be transparent. It’s so much easier. Look for the good in people, even if it’s hard. It’s there somewhere Remember, God’s love is holding you up every second, no matter what Adopt a positive worldview. It alleviates personal suffering. Go out there and make the creator of the universe look amazing! You can contribute something to 14 billion years of evolution. Wait for it . . . Listen for what you are being called to. Then just do it! Practice love and gratitude. Everywhere Abandon the desires of the ego. Be led . . . by love. Be ONE with Love’s Design! History and Practice of Joy 101. Synchronicity happens. Cherish it and it will keep on happening. (Synchronicity: meaningful coincidence.) Be serious to the task of being awake to your soul. Seriously! Don’t worry about getting credit for your good work; just enjoy the beauty of it. Desire a sense of self that doesn’t need publicity. Seek a heart fully engaged! It’s full throttle, baby Find God in all things. It’s like being a treasure hunter. When someone takes off with what you have started, be grateful and joyful! Keep heart, action and desire in alignment with Love’s Design. Avoid mediocrity. It’s really boring. On occasion give yourself a reality check – “I am not the center of the world.” In times of darkness, dig in deeper to find the light within you. It’s there. Really! When someone tells you, “can’t be done,” prove them wrong. In times of trouble, just open yourself to be an instrument of Love’s Design. Don’t reject or judge what life is offering you. Be present to it. It makes all the difference. Do have role models, but choose enlightened ones. (Enlightened: having a loving understanding of how people and creationshould be treated.) Nothing that you do for good is wasted even if it seems like it fell flat. God knows you fully. So no need to act a fool unnecessarily. Tell yourself stories that keep your goal in sight. Stay on track. Do the best you can and then let it go. Don’t complain about anyone except yourself. Yes, really. Be of service to the world! The best service is one that shares your gifts and gives you life! Devote yourself to what lasts forever. Everything else is as temporary as that last common hour anyway. Be gentle with yourself, the dear neighbor and creation. We are all still evolving. Live in the creative tension rather than your own headstrong impulses. There are less headaches. The way to the front of the line is to keep putting others ahead of you. I know . . . it’s a mystery. Remember, you’re in a journey of love, not a rat race. Mind your intentions when you are with others, but DO have parties! Let go of your ego to free your whole self. It’s way less complicated. Let someone else be the star! It won’t kill you. Don’t forget the end game: Love’s Design. Act, if only in behavior, toward everyone the same way you would act towards your beloved. Just don’t be creepy with anyone. Orient yourself toward giving. It can be contagious! If someone disregards you, know that they probably have issues. Meet their disregard with regard! It changes the dynamic. Interpret all things from the best possible point of view. The universe will return the favor! Interpret all things from the best possible point of view. The universe will return the favor! Yeah, you look good and are doing well, but strive for greatness of heart! It’s way less trivial. Be in service to the dear neighbor without reward. Love’s Design has its own reward! Don’t go along to get along. It’s more trouble than it’s worth. When things are popping in your life, don’t think it’s you that made it happen. Laugh at yourself. It frees the heart for service. Being with God and the dear neighbor and all of creation is the same movement. Who knew? Life has tension. Choose peacefulness. It lowers your blood pressure. Be present to the moment. The goal is a social order of love. Minus the – isms. You’re an incomplete work of art. Don’t ever stop working on yourself. Don’tconsiderunfortunateevents as obstacles. Be creative. Ask yourself: what is the opportunity here? Make a practice of being kind all the time. (Directions: Reflect on your actions and attitudes and letyour past inform the present.) Be a responsible person. It pays off in the end. Don’t give up on Love’s Design until it’s totally obvious that this is the wrong direction. Obstacles are to be expected when you’re trying to change the world. Remember who you are. There are a lot of distractions out there. Try not to get caught up in them. Tweeting it is not the same as doing it. Stay present to the moment and the future will take care of itself. God’s timing is the priority. You will know what you need to at the right time. (It’s still a good idea to turn your assignments in on time.) Generally, respond to life with a joyful simplicity and with a sense of contentment. Needless worrying and “complexifying” solves nothing anyway. Align your desires with Love’s Design. Be Peace! “Nothing is so strong as gentleness . . . .” Get caught up on Love’s Design and revel in it! You’ll wake up joyful like a young child. Don’t resist Love’s Design. (Clue: If there’s resistance, there’s unchecked ego.) Resist being put on a pedestal! You could fall and break your neck. Keep your rewards to yourself unless you are asked. Bragging is not attractive anyway. Always keep in mind the goal of creating a social order of love and don’t get lost in details! Embarrassment and criticism sometimes serve to temper the ego. Don’t worry or stress, it pretty much happens toeveryone. Don’t stress if you notice that others are doing a better job than you in Love’s Design. It’s a joint effort, not a competition. When good things happen to you, pay it forward! And don’t forget to act on behalf of our Mother Earth. Always remember that God knows something you don’t know. This is what we call mystery. We’re all subject to the flaws of being human. God empowers us anyway. It’s good to be mindful . . . you can cause a lot ofdamage otherwise. Have good intentions in whatever you do but always mind your ego. (Seriously, did you see “Devil’s Advocate?”) Put on the brakes! And wait for grace. Lead a project through and then step out and let someone else finish and get the credit. It’s too cool for words. Be reasonable and don’t go off the deep end unless it’s for Love’s Design. Don’t project on yourself or others. Projections aren’t accurate anyway. The moments of your life are precious. Use them well Be your best as much as possible! The returns are highest. Love’s Design calls you to your whole self to the best you are able. The best things always do. Creating a social order based on love is the big time, so bring your A game! God is never finished with you. So never think that you’ve arrived. Be dynamic: keep focused, see God in all things, and embrace what comes. Being static is boring anyway Be dynamic: keep focused, see God in all things, and embrace what comes. Being static is boring anyway Deceit is out there, so be awake! Don’t overly stress about it though. Develop yourself as fully as possible! All your beauties and talents are just borrowed. Remember who owns them. Sometimes life is tough, but you can handle it. Develop a courageous heart. When times are tough, find solidarity with those who suffer without having a voice. God has a continual evolutionary, unfolding love! It’s the sweet spot, reside there. Everything in balance: heart, humility, ego, obedience, detachment, peace, gentleness, solitude, prayer, love of neighbor and God. (I see joyful people.)

General Team

Sister Sally and the meeting at the Vatican held on Protection of Minors in the Church

Dear Sisters,

Thank you for the prayers for the meeting on Protection of Minors in the Church held at the Vatican. As you know this is a critical situation for our Global Church. Certainly some countries have been dealing with this horrific issue for 30 years or more and others are just now admitting that they have this issue in their countries. 

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If every age has its own paradoxes, seventeenth century France in which we had our beginnings was certainly no exception. On the one hand, it was an age of hierarchy and order, a period dominated by classical harmony and external propriety.

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Our Vocation is a call from God, heard, discerned and responded to in faith and in love. The call to religious life is a call to be a prophet. Religious are meant to be the wake up call for the church.

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